German Melodic Death Metal


James (USA) the amazing and very talented vocalist and youtube artist. He has his own band "The Neologist"


He started to play guitar about 10 years ago, but has been interested in music since the age of 6. At that time, his main focus was on classical music.
He took professional guitar lessons for 2 years in Regensburg and his main focus in high school was music.
Mille has been involved in the metal music scene for about 5 years now and has been involved with a few different local bands.


At the age of 15, Chris (a.k.a Schehf), picked up his first guitar.
He spent countless hours learning how to play. His love of music stemmed from there.
He helped other bands when they needed a guitar player.


He started playing bass when he was only 9 years old.
He played in the metal bands Steel Engraved and Terminus Kill


He started playing drums when he was 15 years old.

He was a former member of Nothgard and also played for Terminus Kill, Cold Tragedy, My Will be done and Noktis. Right now he is also a member of Blackest Light.

About This Cold Life:
In the summer of 2011, Chris recorded all of the music for an album.
At that time, he did not have a suitable vocalist in his town, so he then began a worldwide search for a vocalist.
Chris met James via the internet and it was clear right away that it was a perfect fit.
James’ vocals fit perfectly to the music style of the album.
James immediately began working on the lyrics as well as the vocals.

On February 11, 2012 they released their debut album „Ascent Of The Fallen“ They are very happy about the feedback and the attention they got from this release. Not long after the release they started working on a new album. Due to James work shedule it took a long time to finish this one.

But at the same time Chris started to look in December 2012 for musicians to make a real band out of this project. Very fast he found the amazing drummer Franka, who sent him an audition video, playing one of This Cold Life’s Songs. Chris was blown away. A bass player was found in the same month. Martin owns a recording studio and is a sound engineer (as Chris) The search for another guitar player took a while, so the three members rehearsed on their own for this time. But in February 2013 Mille joined the band. So the only thing missing was a vocalist. Everybody knew it would be hard to find someone as good as James. So the search was long and hard. They were listening to a lot of recordings from very nice people who wanted to join the band. In April 2013 Matt send them a recording of „Through The Black“ They were blown away and they just had to practice with this guy. After 2 rehearsals it was clear, that this he was the one. So finally in the End April 2013 the band was complete.

Shortly after this This Cold Life released their second album „Fallacy“ on May,04,2013 Still only with Chris and James.

The band then started rehearsing and gathering the equipment to play live in front of an audience. In November 2013 they finally had their first gig together in Münich.

They had some very good gigs with Matt as the vocalist. Sadly he had to quit the band due personal work reasons.

In February 2015 they found a new vocalist “Martin”.

Sadly they were struck again when Drummer Franka quit the band to concentrate more on his family.

Martin (bass player) left the band in June 2015. He is building a house and has more work to do. Therefore cannot give the band no longer the attention it needs.

In August 2015 Toni joined the band as the new drummer.


April 2016, Kauschi started studying at the university in a city too far away to stay in the band.
Mille and Chris decided to change the band completely.
Now they are alone working together with James (Pittsburgh, USA) again on the next album.

The second album „Fallacy“ was released on May 04th 2013
and is available in our store
and the common digital download sites (iTunes, amazon, musicload,…)


My Cold Embrace
Archetypes of A New Breed
Eyes Of Solace
Rise Of The Future Sun
The Greater Divide
More Than Meets The I
Myself My Enemy
Beneath The Ash
Eternity's Grave

11.Oct.2013 - München - Garage Deluxe - Support for Broken Fate

22.Nov.2013 – Tettenweis (Pocking) – Kreutkeller – with The Randy Group, Tuxedo

03.Jan.2014 – Regensburg – Alte Mälzerei – with Monolith, Burden Of Life

08.Mar.2014 – Passau – Tabakfabrik - with Narsil, Collapsed Minds, Athiria

22.Mar.2014 – Passau – Zeughaus - with Finsterhain, Severity

29.Mar.2014 – Passau – Tabakfabrik – Smokey Joe Award Round 1

20.Apr.2014 – Passau – Tabakfabrik – Smokey Joe Award Finale

07.Jun.2014 - Passau – Tabakfabrik – with The Morphean, Pray That I Miss

04.Jul.2014 – San Leonardo, Italy – Hofers Rock Festival

28.Nov.2015 – Passau - Zeughaus - with Sucking Leech, UGF, Nothgard

All dates, locations and bands may change. Please contact us if you want to be sure.

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